The pandemic, and the ensuing supply chain problems, have highlighted the Middle East's reliance on imports. Growing consumer demand and investor confidence are assisting in the further development of agriculture technology in the MENA region. However, it is not as if investments in food technology have not been made in the Arab region at all. Saudi Arabia for example launched a large agricultural development initiative in the 1970s. The government supported modern agricultural techniques, built rural roads, encouraged agricultural research, and constructed storage facilities. The result of the investments is that Saudi Arabia became completely self-sufficient in the supply of some essential goods. 

Consumers in the MENA region are also increasingly mindful of where their food comes from, preferring fresh, regional and seasonal foods that require fewer of the planet's precious resources. 

Food security, resource conservation, public and economic health, and job creation can all be improved with the use of appropriate, new technologies.



Source: Middle East Business Intelligence

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