Wajbety, Food Ordering App, Grows in Iraq Despite the Challenges

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022
Hand holding phone with food delivery app

During Iraq’s economic crisis, war has chewed up much of the nation’s resources and the government depended on the private sector to create more jobs. Amid these difficult conditions, ambitious entrepreneur Ahmad Subhi was able to start a successful business and introduce more jobs to the region.

After the Iraqi economy went through a rough patch in 2014 due to the war against Daesh, Subhi’s business, an IT training house, had a downturn. Subhi started to hunt for a valid business idea, and he was inspired by the success of international app-based businesses.

This led him to study the successful business model of online ordering and delivery platforms.
The aspiring entrepreneur saw a clear market need as Iraq had an unstable environment that didn’t attract international and regional food ordering businesses. Hence came the birth of “Wajbety”, a food ordering and delivery app that adapts the business model of Uber Eats to the Iraqi environment.

Things didn’t go smoothly for the food business at first. Wajbety faced many challenges such as fake orders and the confiscation of its motorcycles by Iraqi authorities due to security reasons. In addition, a large segment of Iraqis didn’t have email addresses.

As time went by, Wajbety’s team found solutions to these challenges and succeeded to reach an average of 50 orders a day. The business is now worth over $100,000, and Subhi hopes to continue his growth in offering food and to avail more jobs in his country.

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