Smartwatch For Kids

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 2 March 2022
Person clicking on smartwatch in hand


In an increasingly dense and populated world, and as many children are outgoing by nature, parents have a growing need to ensure that their children are safe and can be reached via mobile devices.

Furthermore, parents always strive to give the best care to their children, having to complete endless tasks on a daily basis. Reliable devices that allow permanent tracking of their children would take a load off their minds.


A wearable smartwatch for children would be ideal. Limiting the kids’ carry-on devices to a smartwatch would ensure it won’t get lost as easily as a phone.

Smartwatches come with different features to satisfy the parents’ needs such as a GPS locator and an emergency button. The watches can be made with unique designs to make them more appealing to kids. This idea is open to many more innovative additions.