While our healthcare system is mostly focused on the sick, it does little in terms of primary care and prevention. In addition, the patient experience of healthcare is often troubled with waiting in long lines and the lack of accessibility to doctors. Sihaty, an online healthcare company in Kuwait, aims to solve healthcare-related challenges.

The health-tech platform launched its application hoping to connect patients with doctors. This eased the challenge from the usual lengthy healthcare process where users had to go to hospitals to seek professional help.

Users can find doctors and quickly raise their cases to them via telehealth video or voice calls on the app. The doctors then provide the appropriate diagnosis and description. Following the consultation, the patients find the needed care such as medications or tests delivered to their doorstep.

Although Sihaty solved the hassle of the lengthy healthcare process, the startup’s team realized that they have yet to address a notable part of their target audience: the healthy individuals. As Kuwait is one of the leading countries in chronic disease mortality rates, the startup aims to prevent acute diseases through constantly accessible healthcare.

The platform directed its attention to tap into that market segment after raising $1.3 million in the Pre-Series A funding round. They hope to assign family doctors to families through their app where they can focus on sick individuals and those with chronic diseases. They will also focus on other life aspects such as mental health.

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