Within the framework of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Arab Regional Initiative on Environment, climate change, and emergency telecommunications, SCYCLE and ITU have collaborated with the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership to implement the “Regional E-waste Monitor for the Arab Region” – a project geared toward building regional capacity on e-waste statistics for government officials and statisticians while focusing on improving e-waste-related data and statistics in the Region. 

The project seeks to collect and improve e-waste statistics in the Arab Region and enhance data availability and quality. Regionally and nationally comparable e-waste statistics for the Arab Region will be produced in the format of the Regional E-waste Monitor. The project will also enhance awareness of e-waste via communication of the project’s data to policy makers, businesses, media, and other relevant stakeholders in the Region.

Read the full article here: https://ewastemonitor.info/regional-e-waste-monitor-for-the-arab-region/

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