Pantheon Development takes Construction to a Whole New Level

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 23 February 2022

Construction is a tried and tested practice that has been in the works for years, never really changing. With the rising demand for faster, more diverse and eco-friendly buildings, companies like Pantheon Development, a construction company in Dubai, had a new hurdle to cross.

Although there have been many minor innovations in construction, the method has been the same for decades. Some innovations such as quick dry cement, dry walls, and plaster have made the job slightly faster. However, nothing really gave companies a market breaking edge. This was a challenge for Pantheon Development.

They had noticed the rising technology of additive 3D printing, where layers of material (usually plastic) are laid down bit by bit by a robotic arm that moves across all axes. This method allowed many aspiring entrepreneurs, designers, and tinkerers to build complex shapes that would have normally taken months to develop through plastic casting companies. Pantheon Development saw potential in that technology, and knew that there was an upcoming shift on the horizon of the development industry.

Pantheon Development assumed that this same 3D building methodology could be applied to construction, where layers of concrete can be poured layer after layer by a 3D device. This would theoretically cut building costs, and move construction into the realm of mass production.

With that in mind, Pantheon Development approached various 3D printing companies to make this dream come true. This endeavor, should it be fruitful, will disrupt the construction industry making the process of building houses faster, affordable, and eco-friendly.

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