Meet Schoolz: A Safe Transport App for Children

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022
Children on Bus

Ever since the advent of school transportation, parents have always been worried about their child’s well-being in the commute. Any inconveniences or unexpected issues may pop up along Cairo’s busy roads. With the growing need for reliable and trackable transportation. It was only a matter of time till a mass transit service addressed the needs of schools and sporting clubs market.

When Uber entered the market, it had addressed the need for online and trackable cars. This offered a solution for personal commuters, yet left mass transit out of the equation.

SWVL then capitalized on the mass transit gap left over by Uber where they offered reliable and trackable mass transit commute, yet still did not address the gap of private transit for children.

This is precisely where Schoolz came into play. Schoolz is a reliable and trackable transportation service that is geared towards school children and sporting clubs. The bus comes equipped with a skilled chauffeur and a camera that is paired with an app. Parents may then view the camera if needed, and be alerted of bus and children's activities, like getting on and off the bus. 

The founders of Schoolz, however, saw that this need was not a local need specific to Egypt. There are similar concerns about child well-being worldwide, especially in adjacent markets like Saudi Arabia where culture and sentiment were similar. This is why Schoolz needed more funding to penetrate more markets.

As such, they had first launched a proof of concept: a trial run. Following its successful trial operations, they raised an undisclosed six-figure amount in a funding round from Saudi and Egyptian investors. It is geared to launch soon in the Saudi and Egyptian markets where the need for reliable child transport is prevalent.

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