Marketplace for Homemade Food

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 2 March 2022
hand clicking on electronic meals


As people tackle busy schedules every day, ordering fast food becomes the easiest choice. Food ordering has become extra convenient, due to mobile apps saving time and effort and delivering millions of orders every month. 

However, consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and nutrition legislation is continuing to rise. More consumers are looking for homemade alternatives such as semi-prepared meals that can be cooked at home within 15 minutes. The challenge is to find an affordable app that sells homemade food with high variety.


A platform that connects home cooks with consumers who prefer homemade meals. Those who have a passion for cooking can use the platform to open their own business. They can decide on their menu, specify their pricing, working hours, and start selling at no cost.