Lil’ Tots: The Business Providing Healthy Food for Babies

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022
Packaged Baby Food

Rihab Saab, a UAE resident, faced a hurdle when her family visited Dubai with their 8-month toddler, Adam. During their stay, she searched for stores around the hotel area to purchase healthy food for the child. She only found artificial and preserved food that was disappointing to her. This is when she realized the gap in the market and the shortage of healthy prepackaged baby food. 

Saab knew that she had a brilliant business opportunity and decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Inspired, she quickly started Lil’ Tots, a food company that provides healthy prepackaged food for toddlers.

The entrepreneur found that her company’s value proposition of healthy food aligned perfectly with the UAE’s plans of eliminating child obesity. As she found a market demand for her products, Rihab started growing her business and introducing a wide variety of healthy prepackaged meals for kids.

Throughout the year of Covid-19, Saab says that her business was able to persevere thanks to the UAE government support, as she received payment facilitation from the Dubai Economic Department.

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