Jameela Weaves her Future Through Embroidery Shop

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022
Embroidered items.

After her husband’s sudden death, Palestinian mother Jameela was left to raise her four sons alone. From a refugee camp north of Bethlehem, Jameela decided to turn her embroidery hobby into a business that can support her family.

The home-based business got a high demand for the products, so Jameela had a desire to grow her business. Her ambition led her to join a program by The Near East Foundation (NEF), a Palestinian organization that provides startups and small businesses with training, mentorship, networking, and access to events.

She received several business training and coaching. Jameela managed to increase her profit by 30% by participating in local bazaars and networking with other people in the same industry.

Today, Jameela has turned her small business into an embroidery shop where she employs more than 15 women, providing them with a sustainable income.

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