How Thndr Got More Women to Begin their Investment Journey

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 7 March 2022

For years, investment in stocks, bonds, and funds, was accessible to those who have accounts with brokerage companies and the required knowledge and tools. Thndr, an Egypt-based fintech company, created a platform that aims to allow everyone to make an investment. The platform removes commissions, account-opening minimums and avails the required market knowledge and tools. Although they succeeded in reaching their goal, Thndr’s work went on to achieve more for its users.

Seeing that the percentage of female users is much lower than men, Thnder focused on getting more women to participate and begin their investment journey. They started a social media campaign highlighting women’s investment experiences, with videos about female success stories and infographics showing female representation in investment. They also offered educational tools to female viewers.

The social media campaign has proved fruitful, as they were successful in doubling the number of female investors in a month from 5% of total investors to 10%. Thndr plans to continue their efforts to increase the percentage of female investors.

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