Hala, an Insurance Compay that Rewards you for Driving Safely

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022

Some people view insurance companies as a waste of money or poor investment. This is because one only ever capitalizes on their benefits if an unforeseen accident happens. To an average law-abiding driver, this day may never come.

As such, many prefer to drive carefully as they are unable to afford the insurance costs. They go on with the belief that nothing would happen to them- a belief mostly fueled by the lack of accessibility to insurance.

Hala, an insurance platform, aims to eliminate the choice between having a good meal and car insurance, offering car-owners a reasonable insurance plan that does not seem like a sunk cost.

Additionally, it offers users a hassle-free experience as car owners are able to file digital claims instantly through the platform.

The insurance platform, founded by Walid and Karim Dib, rewards clients for driving safely and not using their insurance. Hala rewards its users with currency and coupons that they can buy food or other goods. In fact, the platform acts as a savings account that gradually returns the users’ money as their insurance program expires.

The insur-tech platform has also expanded to include home insurance and won 1st place runner up in the 12th edition Arab Startup Competition on the ideation track.

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