Flower Delivery Service Floward Blooms in Cairo

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022
Flower Delivery man holding flowers

Flowers make a fitting gift on various occasions from childbirth to funerals, weddings to birthdays, and in sickness and health. Gifting flowers is an age-long tradition and world-renowned testament of care and affection.

Flower deliveries, however, can be largely inconvenient. Customers usually head to brick and mortar stores to buy flowers, having to account for a long wait time and delivery overhead. Or order them by phone, where the flowers are not visualized.

Besides, the pandemic made buying flowers less appealing due to the lack of accessibility to traditional stores.

There is an opportunity for an e-commerce based flower and gifting market that was not addressed. Floward, an e-commerce platform for flowers, answered this market gap. 
The platform is a Kuwaiti flower delivery service that combines flowers and an assortment of chocolates and gifts. They aim at improving the event and gift-giving experience.

Furthermore, Floward’s team pride itself on their guaranteed last-mile delivery fleet, promising the comfort of same-day delivery. Customers no longer have to order flowers days weeks or days in advance.

Floward raised $27.5 million in a series-B round and now the startup is expanding its operations in the Egyptian market.

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