Compost Baladi: Recovering Essential Resources from Trash

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 4 March 2022
organic waste in soil

Although water and other basic resources are available to a large percentage of the human population at the comfort of their home, there are still some people who compost and filter their water.

These efforts stem from several causes such as a concern for the environment and the wish to decrease carbon footprint via waste composting. Others carry the extra effort to save money on bills, while others, like many in Lebanon, need these processes to combat waste pollution.

Compost Baladi blog was launched in Lebanon in 2015 with a focus on waste composting. Following a national waste management crisis, the blog took a role in encouraging people to compost as a solution to the crisis. Seeing a massive demand and response on their blog, the founders decided to establish Compost Baladi as a social enterprise in 2017, offering various services to recover organic waste.

The Lebanese company won the twelfth Arab Startup Competition and aimed to solve the problems of waste disposal and water treatment. Whether their beneficiaries are farmers looking for new ways to utilize their land or citizens in a metropolis trying to decrease their carbon footprint. Compost Baladi’s vast array of kits helped them turn trash into viable resources. Using their inventions, like Earth Drum and Earth Cube, waste can be composted and filtered recovering cooking gas and irrigation water at the same time. 

While the social enterprise started as a simple internet blog, the demands of their audience pushed them forward to become a popular method for recycling and waste management in Lebanon.

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