When French-Canadian mother Ruby Giroux moved to UAE, she was unable to find natural cleaning products to use in her house. The mother did not feel safe using chemically engineered household cleaning supplies around her toddlers. Unable to find any natural alternatives to use for her house, she was dissatisfied with the lack of variety.

In addition, Giroux knew about the harmful effects these chemicals had on the environment. She then developed her own natural cleaning supplies and started using them with her family out of her concern for their well-being and the environment. 

Her concept quickly took a life of its own and started growing. She named her company “The Botanist” and started selling homemade, natural cleaning alternatives that cover all household needs. The products were also packaged in eco-friendly materials, which were in tune with her brand.

When COVID-19 hit, The Botanist struck gold. There was a sudden influx in demand, not only for cleaning supplies but also for healthy ones. Her business grew during the crisis as it helped people maintain a clean and safe environment.

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