Through droughts, famines, bombshells, and raids, Yemeni Citizen Saeed Alfagieh found inspiration and launched a successful business, AnaMehani, focusing on solving the major employment challenges in his country.

Although there was a war raging on, people still needed to move on with their lives. With the destruction of modern businesses and institutions, there was a rise of practical and vocational skills. However, finding employment for skilled workers with the lack of connectivity among communities proved to be a significant challenge.

Addressing this need, Alfagieh founded AnaMehany, a platform that matches employers with skilled home maintenance workers. This startup launched in 2015 in the capital of Yemen, San’a, and in six other cities in the midst of the civil war, and successfully matched many workers with employers and NGOs.

Ever since its launch, the platform attracted many investors, the World Economic Forum included it among the top 100 startups shaping the fourth industrial revolution in the region, and it came second in the Arab Youth Campaign on Innovation Contest, sponsored by the International Monetary Fund.

Additionally, AnaMehany has since expanded its operations to Egypt, included a thorough blog with home maintenance tips, grown its network of skilled maintenance workers, and created thousands of jobs.

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