We are excited to announce the opening of the 2023 Cultural Grants Call for applications in the fields of Arts and Literature and Thought Leadership.


Over the years, our Cultural Grants Program has supported more than 230 individuals, groups, and prestigious organizations in creating unique, inclusive, and impactful cultural experiences. The program aims to foster an innovative society by supporting arts, culture, and education sustainably, with a strong emphasis on community inclusion and reaching out to all provinces (Jordan, Palestine).


We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships to achieve greater impact and extend the reach of our programs. Your support in disseminating this call within your network will contribute to the success of the program and ensure that we reach a diverse pool of talented individuals and organizations who can benefit from these grants.


Please find attached the official call announcement, as well as a comprehensive manual that outlines the application process, eligibility criteria, and other pertinent details about the grant program. We encourage you to share these documents with your network to provide potential applicants with all the necessary information.


Call for action


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