Do you think you got a brilliant business idea and can’t wait to establish your business?

Starting up a business requires strategic planning and an efficient understanding of the market. There are many steps to complete such as setting a business plan and model.

We know that as an aspiring entrepreneur, you now have a lot on your plate. Therefore, we created this guide to help you register a limited liability company (LLC) in Egypt: 


According to the Investor Service Center (ISC) on the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) website and instructions, the required documents are as follows:

1. Copies of National ID of Egyptian founders or a passport in case of foreign founders
2. A certificate from the company auditor 
3. Power of attorney  for a lawyer to complete the registration procedures
4. A valid electronic signature to complete all electronic documents

After all the documents are ready, founders should follow the following procedures:

1. Head towards GAFI where a follow-up team will complete all the required steps on behalf of the company founders
2. Through the e-system, a memorandum of association will be issued along with all other documents to be signed with an e-signature
3. Founders will be then able to pay all incorporation fees including the certificate of non-confusion to apply for the company’s trade name.

Then, according to GAFI’s website, GAFI employees will complete all remaining procedures, and within 1 business day, the founders will be able to receive a replica of the memorandum of association, commercial registration, tax ID, VAT registration, and social security registration.

The guide is intended to provide general instructions on the subject matter. Specialist advice should be requested about your specific conditions.

To know more details, visit GAFI's website here, and click here to view the instructions.

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