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Welcome to the ASMEs_2023 Business Matchmaking Group, where opportunities meet collaboration. This group serves as a dedicated platform for Arab Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and business enablers seeking to leverage the resources and networks.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to foster meaningful connections, facilitate partnerships, and support the growth and development of Arab SMEs within the framework of the United Nations ESCWA and the Arab SMEs Summit.

What to Expect:

  • Networking: Connect with a diverse community of professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from the Arab region and beyond.
  • Business Opportunities: Stay updated on the latest business opportunities, industry trends, and events relevant to SMEs.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Share insights, resources, and best practices to help fellow members succeed in their ventures.
  • Collaboration: Explore collaboration opportunities, joint ventures, and partnerships within the group.

Code of Conduct:

Before participating in our group, please familiarize yourself with our group's code of conduct, which promotes professionalism, respect, and collaboration among members. We expect all members to adhere to these guidelines.

Join our community to engage in valuable discussions, discover opportunities, and be part of a thriving network of like-minded individuals who share your commitment to the growth and success of Arab SMEs.

Let's work together to create a brighter future for Arab SMEs through meaningful connections and collaborations. Welcome to the ASMEs_2023 Business Matchmaking group!

Interested in booking meetings at the ASMEs_2023, use this link: BCD TOOL LINK

For more information contact this Email: nadeen.alnaimat@un.org or send DEPAR direct message to this account @Nadeen Suliman 

Code of Conduct for ASMEs_2023 Business Matchmaking Group

1. Purpose and Scope:

  • The primary objective of this group is to facilitate business matchmaking between Arab Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the framework of the United Nations ESCWA and the Arab SMEs Summit. Members are expected to contribute positively to achieving this goal.

2. Professionalism:

  • All members are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, integrity, and respect for fellow participants.
  • Discriminatory, offensive, or inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated.

3. Confidentiality:

  • Respect the confidentiality of business information shared within the group. Do not disclose sensitive information without permission.

4. Respect for Diversity:

  • Embrace and respect the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives represented in the group.

5. Self-Promotion:

  • Avoid excessive self-promotion or marketing. This group is for fostering genuine connections, not aggressive advertising.

6. Relevant Content:

  • Share content that is relevant to the goals of the group, including information related to business opportunities, industry trends, and event updates.

7. Compliance with Applicable Laws:

  • Members must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, both locally and internationally.

8. Moderation and Administration:

  • Respect the authority of group administrators and moderators.
  • Report any violations of this code of conduct to the administrators.

9. Constructive Communication:

  • Engage in constructive and respectful discussions. Disagreements are acceptable, but personal attacks or hostile behavior will not be tolerated.

10. Support and Collaboration: 

  • Encourage collaboration and offer support to fellow members in achieving their business objectives.

11. Zero Tolerance for Harassment: 

  • Harassment in any form, including but not limited to discrimination, bullying, or unwelcome advances, will not be tolerated.

12. Resolution of Disputes: 

  • If conflicts arise, attempt to resolve them amicably within the group. If necessary, involve administrators for mediation.

13. Compliance and Consequences: 

  • Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in warnings, suspension, or removal from the group, as deemed appropriate by the administrators.

14. Continuous Improvement: 

This code of conduct is subject to review and improvement. Members are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for its enhancement.


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