RAWMEC - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition and Conference

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre

RAWMEC is the leading exhibition and conference for recycling and waste management in Lebanon.

Forming part of a larger platform called Lebanon Sustainability Week, it focuses on solid waste, industrial waste and alternative energy. The Lebanon Sustainability Week is a platform for knowledge sharing, brainstorming, solution finding, technology transfer, peer networking and capacity building in the fields of waste management, industrial waste management, industrial wastewater treatment and renewable energy.

Through the participation of various stakeholders including policy makers, industry experts, innovators, the private sector, investors, and academia, RAWMEC will boost sustainability initiatives in Lebanon and other countries in the region.

Fostering a deep understanding of the social, economic, environmental, and technological trends driving the sustainability sector, it will assist in the adoption of technology-based solutions to major environmental challenges in Lebanon.

Visit their official website for more information and registration.