Mohammed Alfaylee
Mohammed Alfaylee

🚀 Calling all innovators and change-makers! 🌟

I'm Dr. Mohammed Alfaylee, the CEO and Co-Founder of Doctorlivery: Digitalizing Dental Procurement. 💡 My burning desire to be a catalyst for transformation and innovation is leading me to ASME's Marrakesh 2023, where we'll ignite the passion for uniting dentistry, tech, and business.

🔥 Together, we'll make a lasting impact, create breakthroughs, and reach new heights! Let's revolutionize healthcare delivery, empower professionals, and shape a brighter future for all. 🌍

Hopefully and excitingly, will meet you Join me on this incredible journey at Marrakesh 2023! 🚀 #ASMEMarrakesh2023 #Innovation #TechInHealthcare #DentalRevolution

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