ICC, in partnership with Cámara Argentina de Comercio y Servicios and Usina de Emprendedores, launched the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs in the southern cone of Latin America.

The hub will work with local businesses, chambers of commerce, academic institutions, intergovernmental and governmental agencies, to enable local entrepreneurs in the southern cone of Latin America to expand their operations to global markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of entrepreneurs, business owners and young people everywhere. Under these conditions, entrepreneurs and young people lack vital funding, networking, technology to scale their businesses and positively impact local economies.

From developing the skills of young people who face uncertain employment prospects to mentoring local start-ups and entrepreneurs, the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship will lay the foundations for the next generation of Latin American business leaders to compete and flourish in the post-COVID global economy.

In additional to working with the global programs of the Centre of Entrepreneurship, programs in Buenos Aires include training for entrepreneurs, business roundtables, and webinars.


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Hub in Buenos Aires

For more information about the hub in Buenos Aires, please contact Sebastian Ferrari: sferrari@cac.com.ar