Purpose and Background

In recent years, particularly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several emerging issues have posed severe challenges to the Arab region’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Overcoming these challenges by providing new opportunities for SMEs is fundamental to expanding and positioning Arab SMEs for future progress and growth that leaves no one behind.

The Summit aims to help Arab SMEs access regional and international markets, mobilize diverse financial resources, benefit from regional and international networks, and increase their ability to scale up. Moreover, the Summit will act as a regional platform for national and international leaders from the public and private sectors to advocate inclusive policies and strategies required to support Arab SMEs.

The Summit will bring together some 400 selected participants, including entrepreneurs, investors, business influencers, political leaders, economists, journalists, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and donors, to discuss regional and international business opportunities for Arab SMEs across 20 main sessions and 10 side events.

The Summit will be held at the Kempinski Convention Centre in Amman from 30 October to 1 November 2022.

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عمر الزيود
عمر الزيود

Suzan Alomari كيف هي رسالة التأكيد تكون بعدما قمت بتعبئة المعلومات وارسالها تم ارسال البيانات المدخلة على البريد هل هي تأكيد

Suzan Alomari
Suzan Alomari

عمر الزيود
طبيعة الايميل من نفس الاسكوا بخبروك فيه انه تم اختيار شركتك للمشاركة في المؤتمر وبيبعتولك 2فورم لتعبيهم بمعلومات عن شركتك ومعلومات تانية عن مجالك وكيف ممكن يفيدوك ويساعدوك من خلال محاور سيتم مناقشتها وطرحها في المؤتمر ، وبخبروك انه رح يتم التواصل معك لترتيبات الحضور والمشاركة والاجندة واللوجيستك


Hopefully everything going good together all participants.

Looking for both meeting for exchanging very good experience worldwide in modern knowledge as well as professional ASAP ✈️🌍.

If anyone get confirmation positive please feedback very soon.

Sincerely salutations fraternelles from Algeria


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