In parts of the Palestinian territories, not only is access to water a major challenge, but so is the generation of energy for water treatment and sanitation. The "Nexus North" project, funded by the French development agency AFD and the EU, is helping public water utilities in the northern West Bank to provide better access to drinking water and sanitation. At the same time, energy costs are to be reduced. The project will also see the first wind turbines deployed across the region.

The "Nexus North" project has made a lasting difference to the lives of people living in the region. In the past, there was not enough water in many homes to wash clothes in the washing machine, for example. Through new irrigation and water treatment methods implemented in the project, people have water to clean their houses, for using washing machines and even to water small gardens around their houses. 

However, all water and wastewater facilities need a lot of energy. This is why they are planning a solar system close to the treatment plant, for example, to reduce energy costs. This is to be financed by the EU. 


Source: AFD's official website

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