The French Development Agency (AFD) is active in various parts of the world to promote development cooperation and implement projects to achieve the SDGs. One of AFD's focus areas is water supply, hygiene and access to sanitation.

Water is a crucial issue in the twenty-first century. Food security, health, gender equality, and living conditions for disadvantaged people are all harmed by shortages, poor water quality, and a lack of sanitation facilities.

The AFD finances both centralized and decentralized WASH infrastructure. These efforts are aimed squarely at improving sanitation services and facilities, including waste collection and treatment, while also minimizing regional and social disparities. AFD supports initiatives developed in collaboration with water and sanitation authorities. They put a special focus on social programs that benefit the most vulnerable, women's and girls' emancipation, and day-to-day access in public spaces, schools, and healthcare facilities. To this end, the French government has provided one billion euros in funding for AFD's WASH programs in 2021.

In the MENA region, AFD is currently (as of May 2022) implementing 28 water and sanitation projects.

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