e-FRESCO integrate the vulnerable supply chain in fresh produce. The result of this integration is a process similar to retail chain operation. our project have three components ( Retail chain , Trade tech , Farmers aggregation) .
If UBER select car drivers to Join their network, then e-FRESCO select small fruit shops to Join our global franchise. Our Retail chain have a positive social , economical and environmental impact. The technology integration enable e-FRESCO to provide supply chain financing, responsible financing for farmers and SMEs, moreover our retail chains does not require investment in high maintenance costs, reduce energy costs and increase the resilience of the actors in the supply chain. e-FRESCO provide support to small fruit shops in products, e-commerce, last mile delivery and branding and marketing. The system also support cross border trading of fresh produce. Agriculture is a necklace of several pearls that never give a strong impact without binding pearls in one necklace!!
Please, see the following promotional video 





Trade tech component demo 





Presentation pitch 





We secured grants and recognition from the following agencies : 


1- UNIDO & Italian Development Agency 

2-European Bank for reconstruction and development 

3- US Embassy Jordan 

4- Jordanian Goverment ( National Agricultural Research center). 



We are currenly have more than 5000 exporter and importer in our trade tech portal and we want to do extention to have global franchise for small fruit shops to enable use master the supply chain of fresh produce ( F&V). 





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