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Thank you for your interest in the second  ESCWA eCommerce Acceleration Programme (eCAP 2023) supported by the ICC-ESCWA Centre of Entrepreneurship. 

The eCAP programme builds the capacity of up to 100 SMEs from the Arab region to transition into online selling by developing their transactional eCommerce websites. Participating SMEs will benefit from business and technical expertise, critical setup fees to build/optimize their online platforms or sell on existing virtual marketplaces, one-on-one coaching, in addition to exposure and access to networking opportunities.

Eligible SMEs must:

·       Be registered and operational in one of the Arab countries;

·       Have a working product or service that can be sold online;

·       Have an online presence on social media;

·       Be willing to dedicate 1-2 team members for the project.


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Up to three additional team members can be added.