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With the highest number of refugees per capita globally, and increasing regional water scarcity, the Middle East is facing a rapidly changing economic and environmental landscape. In efforts to encourage innovation and sustainability around these challenges, cewas Middle East has been supporting the creation of water and environmental start-ups and enterprises across the region since 2013. In the Middle East, we work together with key stakeholders from the environmental sector, the entrepreneurship sector and the financial sector to create and enhance the global entrepreneurial ecosystem for water, sanitation and waste entrepreneurs. Our focus lies on developing strong ecosystem support services in the field of business development, finance and talent growth.

Innovators and entrepreneurs have increasingly been inventing and applying technologies and services for a green revolution in the Middle East. Supporting these innovators and entrepreneurs is the core of our work. We provide entrepreneurship trainings, technical assistance and networking opportunities to support dedicated entrepreneurs. We have specialized staff that do this support at all stages: From ideation, incubation, acceleration to scale-up. We develop business models, support business development, create marketing strategies, create sound governance systems and make entrepreneurs' investment-ready. We also provide mentoring and guidance in decision-making processes, client acquisition and the day-to-day struggle to start, grow and scale innovative business

We are supporting the development of an enabling financial ecosystem to build a framework that accommodates water and sanitation entrepreneurs in the start-up, acceleration and scaling phase. To do so, we work with partners and experts in the field to tweak existing financial tools and make them applicable to the needs and requirements of environmental entrepreneurship. In addition, we run a help desk for financing opportunities that shares opportunities and helps our innovators identify suitable tools and funds.

cewas Middle East focuses on strengthening the local capacity of water and sanitation practitioners and entrepreneurs in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine through designing, developing, implementing and evaluating training programs tailor-made for the needs of the different stakeholders. The short and long-term training and coaching courses aim at activating a change in the planning, implementation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation, water and resource management systems at local leve