Self-driving Cars

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 26 February 2022
several cars on the road with Wi-Fi signals and waves surrounding the cars


With roads congestion and car accidents increasing every day, governments around the world try to find solutions to this major pain point. Traffic challenges are expected to increase as the global number of road vehicles is predicted to almost double by 2040.

Poor drivers’ behavior and incompliance to traffic laws have contributed to 94% of car crashes, according to government reports.


Self-driving vehicles can be an ideal solution to some traffic challenges as they maintain a safe and consistent distance, effectively reducing road stops that cause congestion.

They can also minimize car accidents and risky drivers’ behavior by driving the car autonomously for them. For example, Tesla’s models use a vast array of sensors that detect motion, visible light, infrared light, and proximity to better understand the car’s surroundings and make split-second decisions that can save the passengers’ life.