Recycling Vending Machine

ESCWA  Technology Centre
ESCWA Technology Centre ESCWA Technology Centre • 29 March 2022
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Supporting the environment through recycling is one of the most important endeavours in our time. However, to many people, recycling is tedious, inconvenient, unrewarding, and sometimes not economically feasible.


A startup can specialize in reverse vending systems and recycling, and come up with a convenient way to recycle used beverage containers. Specifically, a reverse vending machine can be invented where users can simply insert used plastic bottles or cans inside the machine and the machine will automatically identify, sort, collect, and process the inserted items.

The machine then rewards the users for returning the empty bottles and cans with money back or discount voucher or any other incentives. This innovation can be transformed in many ways to recycle used glass, plastic, cartons, paper and light bulbs.