360° Ecosystem for Green Entrepreneurs

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In 2019, a small group of partner organizations convened in Amman and jointly indicated the need to establish a network where partners with a shared vision of supporting green entrepreneurs exchange ideas and develop collaboration pathways. Partners meet every 6-8 weeks to discuss current developments in the fields of green entrepreneurship in Jordan and how to strengthen the pipeline for green start-ups.


cewas took the lead in activating the Green Entrepreneurship Network Jordan as an informal network of like-minded green entrepreneurship support actors in Jordan who have programs or relevant activities supporting green entrepreneurs. Following the same approach, Cewas managed to initiate similar networks in Lebanon (2020) and Iraq (2021). The 3 networks operate as a “Community of Practice” where open exchange, joint learning, and networking stand in the foreground.


Since the beginning of the networks' meetings, tens of organizations in the 3 countries were engaged in discussions that helped build their capacity, provided pipeline creation opportunities for green entrepreneurs, and produced bilateral program implementation in several cases. Two years on, the network is still informal in nature and participation remains voluntary.


360° Ecosystem for Green Entrepreneurs

Fostering Policy, Finance, and Technical Support


The event has the objective to introduce the network's actions and attract additional ecosystem partners to expand support to green entrepreneurs and markets.

More specific objectives of hosting the event include:

  1. Identify relevant approaches to engage with government partners to address policy needs critical for green entrepreneurs' growth
  2. Obtain buy-in from impact investors to co-create investment cases for green businesses that cater to market impacts and risks
  3. Equip network members and other interested partners with validated green technologies and related business models
  4. Leverage the green start-up/business community to inform/validate needs and potential
  5. present the importance of the sector and the centrality of green businesses in the overall economy as indicated by Jordan's Green Growth National Action Plan (2021 - 2025).

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