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ICC, in partnership with the Seville Chamber of Commerce, has launched the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Seville to support and mobilize the next generation of entrepreneurs in Southern Europe.

The new Centre of Entrepreneurship will work with various stakeholders in the Spanish and Southern Europe entrepreneurship ecosystem, including businesses, chambers of commerce, academic institutions, and intergovernmental and governmental agencies, to connect local entrepreneurs to global markets and enhance regulatory conditions for SMEs to thrive.

From developing the skills of young people who face uncertain employment prospects to mentoring local start-ups and entrepreneurs, the Seville hub is devoted to preparing the next generation of business leaders in Southern Europe.

The Centre will further serve as a platform to scale globally the most successful local and regional entrepreneurial initiatives driven by chambers of commerce and innovative partners. It will leverage digital connectivity to pair entrepreneurs with experts from the Seville Chamber and ICC’s global network to provide virtual mentoring and coaching.

Programa España Emprende

Service offering entrepreneurship assessment on business planning, financial support and bureaucracy for more than 1,000 entrepreneurs every year only in the Province of Seville.

PAEM - Program of Entrepreneurial Support to Women

Promotion of entrepreneurs,hip and business creation launched by women, through information, assessment, bureaucracy processing for the creation of the company, support in the elaboration of the business plan, support in the search of financial resources, organization of workshops and seminars for women.

Cámara Tech

Based on a three-month digital acceleration program. Its objective is to accelerate technological start-ups. During this period, the Chamber of Commerce of Seville will offer visibility to the beneficiary start-ups in addition to its acceleration process, with the support of specialized mentors with experience in each sector. *To be available shortly.


Approaches to valorise the high entrepreneurial potential of migrant women to contribute to their social and economic integration (AMIF Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020). Promoting the economic and social integration of migrant women in the EU society by improving the services of entrepreneurship support oriented to migrant women and creating a specific entrepreneurial path for them. The project is developed by a multinational consortium from Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, German, Italy and Spain.


Incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean. Development of actions to support researchers and entrepreneurs to launch spin-offs and technology-advanced start-ups. The project is enriched by a cooperation approach between Research and Business organizations from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia (ENI CBC MED 2014-2020).

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For more information about the hub in Seville, please contact francisco.leal@camaradesevilla.com

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