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How Do CoE Hubs Work?

As part of their core activities, the CoE Hubs host a series of talks for entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, businesses, banks, and governments, to address the structural challenges facing emerging and developing markets. This includes gender inclusion, youth employment, and educational opportunity. By bringing together thought leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs, the CoE Hubs are home to a community of innovative professionals keen on challenging convention and transforming the future of businesses. 

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Morocco's startup ecosystem is emerging as an economic force

As the country's economic center, Casablanca is attracting entrepreneurs from all over the continent. These Moroccan innovators are leveraging tech, newfound accessibility and each other to shape their own destinies while developing solutions that push Africa forward.Source: CNN

Saudi Arabia’s booming startup ecosystem

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur with a breakthrough commercial proposition, this is a good time to be in Saudi Arabia. Within a relatively short space of time, the Kingdom’s startup ecosystem – particularly in the tech arena – has matured quickly and dramatically.

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